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And the secret weapons to slay them

Friendswood, TX – The giant Goliath had four brothers whose names reveal four modern-day giants—discouragement, defeat, fear, and self. Each giant is strong and vicious and attacks at unexpected moments. Karen Porter answers the question, “How will you slay these giants like David won over Goliath?”

In the pages of If You Give a Girl a Giant (Bold Vision Books, ISBN: 978-1946708-28-1), author Karen Porter reveals the four giants. Then she uncovers the God-crafted weapons hidden in the names of the mighty warriors who killed the four brothers of Goliath.

You may have heard that the way to stop these modern-day giants includes thinking happy thoughts, working harder, pulling yourself up by the boot-straps, or developing a better attitude. But the four God-weapons have nothing to do with what you can do or think—these weapons are lethal to giants.

Goliath, the nine-foot tall giant, who stepped out of the ranks of the Philistine army on the ridge above the Elah Valley goaded the Israeli army to send one warrior out to fight him. Only a young shepherd boy, David, faced the mighty bully. David picked up five smooth stones but only used one stone in his slingshot that day; the giant fell; and the Philistines were defeated. But why did David pick up five stones? Perhaps because he knew Goliath had four brothers.

Throughout the story of giants and warriors, the author reveals her personal battles with each giant—her story of climbing the corporate ladder to high executive levels in a major company and losing that prestigious job. Her vulnerability and honesty in the aftermath of that loss and her journey to wholeness after these giants attacked will inspire and encourage readers. Gari Meacham, best selling author and founder of The Vine Uganda says, “Fighting our giants is hard, but Karen has authentically walked alongside us and taught us to stay in the fight. She weaves a story of courage and possibility through every chapter of hope. I can honestly say I’m excited to stand and fight. She’s given us the weapons to know how.”

A Study Guide is available for use in group settings or book clubs.

Karen Porter is an international speaker and an award winning author and a successful business woman. She is President of Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, serves on several boards, and coaches aspiring writers and speakers. Learn more about Karen at

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If You Give A Girl A Giant…

Fighting for Your Life

Karen Porter


1)     Most people don’t know that Goliath had four brothers or that these brothers attacked David later in his life. You say that you always had a question in the back of your mind, “Why did David pick up 5 stones when he only needed one?” That question sent you searching for answers. You landed on a little-known passage in 2 Samuel.

2)     You discovered the meanings of the names of the four brothers of Goliath. Each giant represents a different giant we face in modern life—discouragement, defeat, fear, and self. The names of the mighty warriors who killed each giant reveal the special God-crafted weapon that gives us power to slay these giants.

3)     You say that this book is a spiritual book that fights real-life problems.

4)     The first giant is discouragement which most people face often or daily.

5)     You faced the giant of discouragement when you lost your position as a high-level executive.

6)     The warrior who killed the giant of discouragement represents God’s weapon against discouragement—God’s faithfulness.

7)     Knowing and experiencing God’s faithfulness helped you overcome the devastation of loss.

8)     The second giant is defeat. There is a huge difference between defeat and discouragement.

9)     After losing your job, you faced terrible circumstances and finally came to the place of defeat at a town dump.

10)  The God-weapon against defeat is found in the name of the mighty warrior who fought him. This giant’s name means intertwine and weave together which represents the supernatural intervention of God.

11)  God reaches down into our lives and changes situations.

12)  The third giant is fear and you believe there are two kinds of fear: 1) external fear such as a storm or an accident and 2) internal fear that comes when we live with a fear of failure.

13)  You’ve faced both these fears without success until you found out that the name of the mighty warrior who fought this giant represents the God-weapon against fear. That weapon is the mercy of God.

14)  The fourth giant doesn’t have a name but he has an unusual physical trait—six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. You believe this made him hyper self-conscious and that he represents the giant of self, maybe the biggest giant of all.

15)  God has given us gifts to win the battle over self. His Word, prayer, gratitude are the gifts to keep the focus off our selves.

16)  The central message of the book is from a quote “God is not the God of the Tweak; He is the God of Transformation.” Christians today are often willing to accept the tweak instead of full commitment to God.

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God is not the God of the Tweak; He is the God of Transformation.


Every person who never killed a giant will tell you it’s impossible.


Give a Girl a Giant and She Fights for Her Life.


5 stones plus 1 God = victory.


The battle is the Lord’s.


No one would remember David if he’d killed a gnat.


Our giants show up when we are most comfortable.


God sees beyond your place of defeat to your place of victory.


The giant of discouragements shows up when we least expect him.


The giant of defeat uses the slogan: NO HOPE.


We must fight the giant of fear because…we can’t let fear make our decisions.


We face the giant of self when we believe everything is all about me!